Sanctions Checker

Financial sanctions prohibit an organisation from carrying out transactions with a listed individual or organisation. Financial sanctions apply to all transactions; there is no minimum financial limit.

Sanctions Checker is a powerful, easy-to-use system that significantly reduces the time and effort to perform checks against the listed targets. Its unique combination of capabilities offers an effective and pragmatic solution to your requirements.  

Sanctions Checker's versatile capabilities give you:

  • Rapid Implementation - Simply implement as a standalone application with the option to integrate directly with your existing systems later.
  • Savings of Time and Effort - Our optimised search features and false positive management take a fraction of the time to use compared with manual lookups and less sophisticated products. 
  • Security and Auditability - Client information remains stored within your network, and our audit trail function helps demonstrate that your organisation is compliant
  • Value for Money - With our usage base pricing model, charges are directly related to the size and complexity of your customer data.


Explore the site to learn more about the capabilities and benefits of Sanctions Checker.

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