At Northdoor, we have over 20 years of experience delivering IT solutions to many organisations especially in financial services and professional services. Our Sanctions Checker is a unique and powerful system that enables organisations to screen their clients, whether individuals or companies, against international financial sanctions lists.

Companies currently using our solution include Affirmative Finance, Cheval Bridging Finance, Morning Data, Munich Re, Stenham Group, Windsor Lloyd's Brokers, and many more.

What our clients say about us


Affirmative Finance

"Northdoor's Sanctions Checker integrates very easily with our system and provides the necessary checks for FSA [now FCA] compliance."
Paul Mitchelle, Financial Director

 Sunderland Marine

"We are extremely happy with the programme and service we have been provided."
Andrew Bell, Sunderland Marine


Windsor Partners Ltd

"We have found the [Sanctions] Checker to be both powerful and simple to use."

  Bridging Loans

"It is great having such an easy-to-use system that helps us ensure that we are protecting our business as well as complying with relevant regulations."
Ryneveld van der Horst, Finance Director


  Morning Data

"The success of the project lays firmly with the proactive and collaborative approach by both companies [Northdoor and Morning Data], demonstrating their respective experience and skill within the London Insurance Market"
Kirstin Duffield, Managing Director


"We are delighted to have integrated with Northdoor for their sanctions checker service, which is a crucial step in the insurance process to ensure compliance with financial sanctions. We believe we have further enriched the Transactor solution by partnering with leading specialists in this key area, whilst ensuring that the process of purchasing insurance remains slick and easy for both our users and policyholders alike."  
Jon Coppin, Head of Client Sales, TGSL

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