All financial organisations are required to screen their new and existing clients against financial sanctions lists on an ongoing basis. Financial sanctions are enforced by HM Treasury and therefore apply to most if not all companies and industries in the UK. Similarly, in the US, it is the US Treasury (Office of Foreign Assets Control - OFAC) that enforces financial sanctions regulations.  As transactions with a listed individual or company are a criminal offence, an organisation may be in breach of financial sanctions for not having a detection system in place.

Sanctions Checker is an effective and easy-to-use system that enables organisations to screen their clients against the financial sanctions lists. With Sanctions Checker, any changes to these lists are reflected on a daily basis. Performing checks on both existing and new clients, it provides an audit trail so your firm can readily demonstrate compliance.
  • Reports automatically created for every search
  • Provides a full audit trail of all searches conducted
  • Hard evidence of compliance established for the necessary authorities




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