Key Features

Sanctions Checker is an easy-to-use and powerful system that enables organisations to check their clients against international financial sanctions lists on an ongoing basis. The system presents a number of key features that enable organisations to effortlessly comply with financial sanctions regulations.

  • Easy-to-integrate system
  • Ability to run ad-hoc or batch searches 
  • Intelligent 'fuzzy search'
  • Manage 'false positives' including the ability to blanket mark false positives
  • Reports created for every search
  • Drill down into reports and identify reasons for true/false positives
  • Visibility of the identify of the individual who conducts searches for added accountability
  • Lists maintained and regularly updated by Northdoor
  • A transparent and flexible pricing model

Sanctions Checker Screenshots

False positives False positives
Single Search for Target
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Manage False Positives
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If you would like more information on Sanctions Checker, or to arrange a demonstration, please feel free to contact our Sanctions Checker Team.

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