Sanctions Checker can be easily integrated directly with your existing systems and databases. We are flexible and happy to work with clients on an engagement and implementation model suitable to their nature of business and IT environment.

Integrating Sanctions Checker with your business systems gives you:

  • Enhanced capability of your existing systems
  • Improved workflow with automated screening as part of your business processes
  • Greater efficiency, eliminating rekeying of information
  • Assistance with compliance through automated screening, alerts & audit trails
  • Enhanced data protection with information stored within your own network
  • Cost-effectiveness due to scalability of searches and competitive licensing
Northdoor has a wealth of experience in delivering integrated solutions to customers. We are a leading Microsoft Partner specialising in system and application integration. In addition, we have years of experience in helping companies, especially in the financial services industry, manage risk and compliance through technology. The combination of our technical expertise and industry knowledge means that the solution is delivered cost-effectively. May 2015

 Client Testimonial

Sanctions Checker has been successfully launched as an integrated service within Morning Data's eNOVUS Broking Platform. This provides eNOVUS users with peace of mind through both on-demand and regular automated checks on all their trading partners against the HMT and OFAC databases together with full audit trails and escalation processes.

"The success of the project lays firmly with the proactive and collaborative approach by both companies, demonstrating their respective experience and skill within the London Insurance Market" - Kirstin Duffield, Managing Director

Find out how Morning Data integrates Sanctions Checker with its system.

Contact our Sanctions Checker Team to discuss your specific integration requirements.
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